Be a VIP

Why not make your day a little more special with VIP treatment?

“The VIP tent is the best thing since sliced bread! Great volunteers to welcome you and make sure you’re comfortable, a great variety of food and beverages for pre and post race, heaters (for those rare January days when it feels like winter!), and best of all – VIP porta-potties with signs to make you laugh and no waiting in long lines.”

Joyce Walters

The VIP Tent

  • A private enclosed tent to shelter you from the winter weather
  • Limited number of participants so no over-crowding
  • Warm-up stretches
  • Chairs and floor mats
  • Coffee/water/soft drinks before and after the race
  • Breakfast and snacks before and after the race
  • Attendants to cater to your every need
  • A calm area to help relieve pre-race stress
  • The perfect place to house your support person while you race
  • “Private” port-a-potties continuously stocked with quality toilet paper (Potties are marked for “quick use” or “let’s sit a while”)
  • A warm, fuzzy towel to wrap up in after the race
  • “Private” dressing tent so you can freshen up after your race

VIP Tent Cost

  • $40.00 through January 15, 2024
  • $45.00 January 16 – January 27, 2024 or until sold out

VIP Parking

There are two entrances to the event: one for VIP parking and one for Everyone Else. Plan on accessing the event site via the VIP Parking Entrance.  Cost is PER VEHICLE.

  • Close proximity to the Portable Restrooms while you wait for your wave to start.
  • Private lot means you have a guaranteed spot
  • VIP Parking has a private entrance so no lines pre or post event – No Waiting!
  • In case of bad weather, stay dry and warm in your car – close to the start line.

VIP Parking Cost

  • $20.00 through January 15 or until sold out